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The Sugar Effect To Children

Maybe many people who can not accept that sugar and food that is done from sugar such as chocolate can cause hyperactive child - or have "sugar, seizures or epilepsy sugar.

Sugar level or higher (HYPERGLYCAEMIA) will cause excessive burning of glucose in the muscles. Simulation of energy would result in motion geri muscle, which causes children moving without control is said 'hyperactive'. With excessive energy children will start running, jumping with wild and cry without the guarantee.

Burning glucose is spent vitamins B1, B2, B3, calcium, magnesium and oxygen because half of their castles have been used for activities such as muscle movements above. Lack of vitamins and vitamin-like substances called just now will reduce the remaining supply of glucose for the brain too.

This situation will affect the child's emotional distress and children easily, restless or anxious because her brain does not get enough supply of glucose, oxygen, vitamins and mineral substances. The children crying for lack of supply of these materials, causing the situation is called 'HYPOGLYCAEMIA'

Such is the case, when all he wild sugar, less sugar when he was crying. This is called 'Sugar seizures or epilepsy sugar often we see the children now.

As the brain child in developing this condition if left action jumping, screaming, aggressive, insisting happy, often angry and others will be a lasting memory and this is what will shape the future behavior of the child

Therefore giving low sugar and sweet foods made from sugar to children to prevent this phenomenon occurs……



How are you all….. ? Hopefully always cheerful no matter what circumstances struck. Each is happening there is wisdom, make sure you learn from every occurring.

We've already step into the year 2010 . You should see what to do to make your dreams and goals a reality.

Is it because the failure to achieve your goals in year 2009 makes you feel frustrated, not enthusiastic and wither? If this happens, then I want to inject a new spirit within yourself.

I also failed to achieve some things that I should make a goals last year, but things did not directly break the spirit and vision of me….
In fact, it makes I more enthusiastic and continue to fight harder.

It is best if you can evaluate your intention when starting a business first.

Are you enthusiastic with the vision and mission of your business is? Where is your spirit go??? What a mistake that happened??? And the most important is how to restore your spirit is?

First, if you no longer have the spirit or motivation in your business, then it indicates you to have time to make changes or find something new - your business may sell or find people who can run the business for you.

However, this is not an easy business. It's not like jobs where you can change or leave your job immediately. In business, you have no choice but to seek ideas and ways to get back the spirit and motivation to continue your business. Many entrepreneurs fail because of this matter. They accept failure without struggle. They easily despair………………….

Most notable is the small business owners who are forced to conduct business without interest and enthusiasm. They lost the spirit not only in business but also in life….

What I want to show you is look back a business plan when you start a business.

Read everything you plan and write. Read again why you started, what are the main reasons that give confidence to you at that time to start a business?

Try to find a place of quiet and then try to imagine what you dreamed when starting a business.

Bring back those feelings, bring your spirit back then. This will restore your spirit that is already expired. You will feel yourself more motivated and you will bring a new more positive attitude into your business.

If you feel you do not follow what you planned, it is time you asked yourself - what you would expect at this? Maybe you need a new change in your vision and mission.

May also need to change your product or service so that it is appropriate to your interests.

This is also your time to take new opportunities by opening new markets abroad, held in collaboration with other business partners from the same industry. Maybe you need to change the color of your desk, doors or windows and convert others. You may also need a mentor or consultant to help you so you can focus on things that interest you. Vision will provide a strong spirit that will not Fade.

I also instructed that you do not want to make your goals and vision of something difficult to achieve. You have the right to enthusiastic, cheerful and have the interest of business. Imagine the future you and your family will enjoy from the business.

Often the things you do not plan to be as you want. Therefore you must change and make changes to achieve your goals.

Never make temporary failure as obstacles in achieving your dreams.

I’ll pray you all success in achieving your goals…good luck my friends……

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Assalamualaikum all my friends……………I want to ask you somethings……what kind of music do you like???anyone like “nasyid”??I’m sure that ALL muslim love nasyid…so today I want to share with you one of nasyid singer from Indonesia which have very beautiful voice……I’m sure all of you will love it…………

Opick or real name Aunur Rofiq Lil Fidaus held his nasyid concert with local group in Malaysia that’s Inteam entitled 'Konsert Amal Opick and Inteam'…..

(Opick) Rock singer who turns into this nasyid singer said he joined the main purpose of this concert is because it is a charity concert. Opick been singing ten songs in a concert that was held at the Multipurpose Hall Complex TNB, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

He also promote new songs in his album, 'sees' through this concert but can give some guide for all muslim through his songs…. Opick has previously held a concert in Malaysia and hope to deal with fans in Malaysia are more closely.

"Islam is a religion that has many beautiful and changing his stance.. He has also been directing the latest film titled 'Under the Sky.' He also starred in the film.

35-year-old singer also plans to launch a reality in Indonesia that will find young talents in the music industry nasyid………………so that is your opportunity for all of you to grab it…..Good Luck For Opick………………Here I’ve share the link that you all can download OPICK ALBUM……………….ENJOY..

List in the album : 

01 - Di Bawah LangitMu

02 - Maha Melihat Feat Amanda

03 - Asmaul Husna

04 - Allah Maha Cahaya

05 - DenganMu Ku Hidup

06 - Shalawat Badar

07 - Taffakur

08 - Tak Cukupkah Semua

09 - Engkau Allah

10 - Lailahailallah Feat Snada


Salam for all my friends......

I have e-book to share with all of you which is excited about story of our profet Rasullullah saw....Let's I stories for you the snopsis for this e-book...maybe make all of you excited to read about it.....

Life of Prophet Shollallahu 'Alahi wa Sallam is the full of  mankind, as well as guidelines da'wah mold life. He is exemplary in obedience, worship and moral behavior. "Muamalah" is a good example in and maintain the honor and glory. Enough praise Allah Azza wa jalla above him as decentralization, in which he said, "and indeed you do have MORAL great." (Al-Qalam: 4)...

Book a day trip in residential Rasullullah saw is one attempt to introduce a biography and life of Prophet Shollallahu "Alaihi wa sallam with a simple and practical method. With serving the beautiful book features a number of characteristics Rasulllah shollallahu "Alaihi wa Sallam and also some problems that often of daily life Muslims. A book that is must be read by every Muslim...InsyaAllah.....

Please download with IDM if you wanna it go faster.....tq

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The continue for Ketika Cinta bertasbih …Yes...Yes its the KETIKA CINTA BERTASBIH 2….the synopsis is about Azzam that S-1 graduated from a university that has influence of "kealiman", does not cause Azzam have facilities in all matters. He has obtain employment passes. Not to mention the contempt neighbours think that graduates of Al-Azhar University otomatis be Lecturer, large or scholars. That's why the mother became agitated, even telling younger Azzam, Husna to find a job, any significant effects on the original work, out of the house@village.

With the background experience for leader in Egypt, Azzam did not break the spirit to develop its own. But how to get married, it is always by her mother Touching

Women which is he love, Anna Althafunnisa has been fiancé with his own companions. While with that Eliana is obviously put heart for him but he can not accept it, because it still crave women muslimah. Azzam also seek tether himself, although enough barriers they are facing, which then makes it almost despondent

How continuous journey of life and love Azzam? So what fate wedding Anna & Furqon, considering Furqon still save big secret in life? Will Eliana moved his heart to become women muslimah entire love and get Azzam?



Password : scromix

Password RAR : www.downloadbox.org


Assalamualaikum for all my lovely friends….wowww today I want to share Some interesting Film that I have watch with my hubby…..I thinks this Film is very Islamic and we enjoy it very much…..I’ll give the synopsis to give you all interested to download this Film…

Mega film When Love Bertasbih lifted from the novel mega best seller in Southeast Asia, works writers handed cold Habiburrahman El Shirazy. Film which tells the life of the main Khairul Azzam, an Indonesian student studying science at Al Azhar University, Kairo. Stories can be inspirational for us, while working hard to see how people sang the study as well as mothers struggle to support and siblings in the village.

Story that also leads us, when seen in the effort and Azzam struggle to find jodohnya always remain guided by the teachings of religion. Setting film itself really in Adjust the picture is in the novel. And more interesting Syuting also done in Egypt. Viewers will really pampered with spectacular city Kairo, Nile, Pyramid, Sphinx, Alexandria City with a beautiful sea Mediterania, Qait Bay fort, and many other spectacular landscape of Egypt.

Film is supported by dozens of senior artists on board, such as Deddy Mizwar, Didi Petet, Slamet Rahardjo, Ninik L Karim, Nungki Kusumastuti, even sastrawan-Taufik Ismail also emerged as a cameo. Illustrations and music soundtrack addressed by Matta Band and Anto Hoed. John Mayall also appear as a filler movie soundtrack album When Love Bertasbih.

So…..after you all download this Film I’ll give you second Part of The Film…. “Ketika Cinta Bertasbih 2”…………………..enjoy!!



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Favor of becoming A mother

Hi everybody…I’m sure that you all knows that I’m a fulltime housewife…and if you are same with me…you should know that you will surely get a reward. If you're a mother, for your future children will be those that strengthen Islam, help and helped, if you educate them well……. Eventually they will pray for you in their Solah at the end of the night …..

So how if the wife cannot pregnant?They cannot get the baby…they cannot be a Mother….I’m sorry for say that but don’t worry women you can fight for  it….So today I want to share something that all of women who want to be a Mother……

Firstly….I want to ask you a women…. Do you want pregnant?huhuh that the bad questions…. Here are some tips that may help you get pregnant.

Actually, once I receive so many inquiries from our friends which says; "How can I be pregnant? What should I do to get pregnant?

And there is also asking in a more specific, when the best time for sexual intercourse (time of fertile women), how many times do, and how the position and the best method during intercourse to increase your chances of pregnancy.

The first and foremost…. Best Time To Contact Sexual Conduct...It is important for couples who want to know about parenthood an appropriate time to initiate sexual intercourse during the fertile women (ovulation time egg production). When and how to find your fertile time? You can get ovulation kits at pharmacies . Ovulation kits can help you determine when your fertile time. You must know that the mature eggs only live 24 hours while the sperm are alive 48 to 72 hours in a woman's body. Therefore, if you are having sex before ovulation time better than after ovulation….so the the time to thinking about yourself…

Then the Frequency of Sexual Relations and practice also the important things.. This is dependent on each pair itself. No figures @ precise facts that can be sure how much time someone should make a link for pregnancy. Some women pregnant with one but there are also times that require a longer time. However the most important is "how often" you do contact the "fertile time". Because, if you make a relationship many times already, but not at the time of your (wife), fertile potential to contain remains thin or may not have directly……actually at the third is Enjoy your sexual process….from research shows that when a women achieve orgasme - climaxs during intercourse - will form the alkaline environment in the vagina where sperm situation like this, compared to normal vagina. If you reach orgasme at the same time or shortly after ejaculation then your partner the opportunity to safely reach the sperm cervical - the womb - is higher…..I think that every women understand about orgasme-climaxs….but I supposed too…huhuhu

Then the simple thing you all should know now is Relax….. Every married couple should always calm and resilient in the face of any pressure stress . This is because the stress or pressure of a problem this could reduce the capacity for pregnancy….so should be going to Honeymoon…it is good in Islam also…

Basic health care is the most important. Make sure your body enough nutrition. It should be noted that women with healthy pregnancy will be easier than having excess weight or less.

Above the expected tips can help you to increase your chances of pregnancy. You need to know, just only 30% of the total sperm meets the egg in the uterus to pregnancy will be successful, while 70% failed again even if you've already done correctly. So you must wait and try again.

If you have to try up to 1 year without a result then it is important to you and your partner refers to a specialist doctor to get treatment and consultation services for the best.

Mate, provision and conditions and children are God's gift, however you should strive to achieve as soon as possible. Dr. is a specialist consultant to help you get the best child.

The most important openness between husband and wife to the same thought, discuss and try to get children.

Plan your sexual relationship, with the sincere intention, pray to Allah and follow the orders and advice of Dr.. God willing you succeed.


Morality in Islam...

The Islamic moral system stems from its primary creed of belief in One God as the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe. Islam considers the human race to be a part of God’s creation, and as His subjects.
From an Islamic perspective, the purpose of human life is to worship God, by leading this worldly life in harmony with the Divine Will, and thereby achieve peace in this world, and everlasting success in the life of the hereafter. Muslims look to the Glorious Qur’an and the Traditions of the Prophet as their moral guides
Akhlak, in the context of our daily life, is the behaviour, morals and practices that we demonstrate in our interactions with our family, neighbours and friends.as servants of Allah on earth, we are the best of creations, have been bestowed with the gift of akal, as in Surah Al Isra’ verse 70:

Which means: And indeed We have honoured the Children of Adam, and We have carried them on land and sea, and have provided them with At-Taiyibât (lawful good things), and have preferred them above many of those whom We have created with a marked preference.
Thus with this akal lies the responsibility to choose good akhlak and refrain from the bad.
Man does not live as an island, but within a society. In these times of rapid development, society encompasses family, nation and the global community. A baby is born into this world like a sheet of white linen, that is patterned first by his parents and family; then his friends in school and subsequently friends far and near.
A man and his wife that has been bestowed by Allah with a child carry upon them the trust to instill and sow good akhlak in their young. In carrying out this responsibility, our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. had said in his hadis:
Which means: Every child is born in a pure state of fitrah, thus his parents are the ones who make him either a Jew, a Christian or a Pagan.
Parents must make full use of the early years of the children’s life to train them to be good Muslims. In our hurry to complete the day’s chores at home and at work, we must never leave our children’s upbringing to the childcare centers, maids or nannies.
My dear friends,.....

Our akhlak is shaped through our interactions day by day with friends in at work and at play. Prophet Muhammad SAW said:
Which means: On each is his friend’s religion. So, watch among you who your friends are.
Other than friends, we are also exposed to new lifestyles and ideas through the mass media such as newspapers and of late, the Internet.
Allah said in Surah Al An’am verse 151:
That means: …come not near to shameful deeds. Whether open or secret;
Modernisation and globalisation bring with them both good and bad. Among the positive impacts of modernization and globalisation are rapidly growing economy and higher standard of living.
On the other hand, our Eastern society is increasingly open to ways of life from the West that
may be not be in line with our customs and practices here. Problems arise when we are not able to balance the tide of modernization nad globalisation with ilmu and well-founded akhlak. Ilmu is the backbone of our life, and it is the light that beckons in times of distress and confusion. In addition, Muslims are told to refer to the two heritage of Prophet Muhammad SAW, that are the Al-Quran and Hadith. Prophet Muhammad SAW said:
Meaning: I have left you two things which, if you were to hold on to tightly, you will never go astray: the book of Allah and the traditions of His Prophet.
The advent and breakthroughs of science and technology, such as the ability to clone, brings forth issues that challenge our Islamic values. Once again, the importance of knowledge in deciding the halal and haram of such advancements cannot be further emphasized. Thus, it is no wonder that knowledge is given such stature in Islam, as reflected in Surah Al Mujadalah verse 11:
That means: Allâh will exalt in degree those of you who believe, and those who have been granted knowledge.
Blessed congregation,
The threats to our akhlak coming from many internal and external sources. In realizing the importance of our environment and the company that we keep in shaping good akhlak, thus it is important that we look to those with virtue and good conduct as role models. This is in line with the hadis:
Which means: Indeed, the comparison of a good companion and a bad companion is like the carrier of the musk and a blacksmith. The carrier of the musk can either give the musk to you, or you may buy the musk from him, or you can get from him a nice smell. Meanwhile, the blacksmith can either burn your clothes or you may get from him a bed smell.
At the same time, we must also be aware and look to the needs of those who are in danger of falling into the traps of immorality and help to steer them back towards goodness. For those who have succumbed to life that is impermissible in Islam, it is our responsibility to guide them back to the correct path that leads to the Islamic way of life, as advocated in Ali ‘Imran verse 104:

Which says: Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong: They are the ones to attain felicity.

The Obligatory Prayers & Their Preffered Times

Today I want to share with all of u why do we pray??? Before I start my blog with anythings else why should I give the important information among the important information...hehehe...
Why not all of you and I ex-speacially 'muhasabah' with this stories.....
After a long and hectic day at work, how difficult it is for a tired person to go out to the mosque and concentrate on his prayers to Allah, the Almighty. Snuggled up in a warm and cozy bed, how difficult it is to get up at the call of the Mu`azzin : "Come to prayer! Come to success!" ....how many people that say yes I'm going...yes I'm going????

The famous doctor and philosopher, Ibn Sina (Avicenna), recalls such a moment in his life. One cold and icy night, he and his slave were resting at an inn in a remote part of Khuraasaan. During the night, he felt thirsty, so he called to his slave to bring him some water. The slave had no desire to leave his warm bed, so he pretended not to hear Ibn Sina’s call. But finally, after repeated calls, he reluctantly got up and went to fetch the water. A little while later, the melodious sound of the azaan (call to prayer) filled the air. Ibn Sina began to think about the person calling the people to prayer. "My slave, ‘Abdullaah, he mused, has always respected me and admired me. He seizes any opportunity to lavish praise and affection on me, but tonight he preferred his own comfort to my needs. On the other hand, look at this Persian slave of Allah: He left his warm bed to go out into the chilly night, he made ablution in the icy water of the stream, and then he ascended the high minaret of the mosque to glorify Him Whom he truly serves: "I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allaah. I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah." Ibn Sina records: "I learned the essence of true love, that love which results in complete obedience." The love of Allah demands total and unconditional obedience. Allah, the Almighty says: { Say [oh, Muhammad!]: "If you love Allaah, follow me: Allah will forgive you your sins, for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful }


Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters... I am a muslim member and like to share islamic views with other members. I am a muslim just trying to remind myself with my duties towards the Creator. May the Creator guide us all....

in my blog i'll serve u all about islam and the other information that we all needs...

So....If you want to exchange your Views, you may read my Postings in this blog.....